Many car shoppers who visit our Paoli, PA dealership borrow money from a lending institution to help purchase their next car, truck, or SUV. If financing your vehicle is something you’re thinking about, make sure to read up on our quick financial strategies to help you get your next vehicle. At Paoli Ford, our main goal is to make sure all our customers are informed about the car buying process and pleased with their vehicle selection.

Calculate Total Price

The sticker price on your next vehicle’s window doesn’t tell the whole story. There are fees that you must add on to it to help you figure out the total price of the vehicle, and therefore, give you a realistic idea of what it will take to borrow the total amount and how it will affect your monthly budget moving forward. 

Calculate Monthly Payments

By calculating the monthly payments, you can figure out what you can actually afford and help you answer some questions about whether or not you should buy used or new. And if you find out that you have enough cash inflow to cover the car’s monthly payments, you’ll be more informed about your needs as you enter the car buying process.

Trade In Your Vehicle

Plenty of our new customers visit our Ford dealership with the goal of using their existing vehicle as a down payment. If this is something that you also plan on doing, take advantage of our online trade-in tool that provides you with a rough estimate in just seconds. It’s important to keep in mind that an in-person appraisal is required for an official value. Thankfully for you, we offer fast appraisals at our dealership located at 100 West Lancaster Avenue.

To learn more ways in which you can better prepare for a vehicle purchase, contact us at Paoli Ford as soon as today! We look forward to meeting you!