Automotive technology is always evolving, and it looks like self-driving cars could end up on the road sooner than you think. How do we stay safe on the highway as cars continue to change so dramatically? Fortunately, the Ford brand has some plans on how to keep roadways safer. All of us here at Matthews Paoli Ford are excited to see what the brand’s top engineers are working on.

One way to make the new Ford models of the near future even safer is the inclusion of a new kind of communications technology. This new feature wouldn’t just let your car communicate with other cars. Your Ford vehicle would be able to talk to traffic infrastructure or even glean information from nearby pedestrians.

Here are a few situations where this cellular vehicle-to-everything communications technology, also known as C-V2X, could come in handy. A communications feature like this would allow cars that have been in an accident to warn other vehicles about a potentially hazardous situation. C-V2X would also allow cars and traffic infrastructure, like stoplights, to talk to each other. This could mean smoother traffic flow and safer streets.

On that same note, multiple cars coming upon a four-way stop would be able to communicate and resume travel based on who has the right of way. A car outfitted with C-V2X tech could even communicate with a nearby pedestrian’s mobile phone, even when said pedestrian can’t be seen by a human driver or an autonomous vehicle’s camera and radar systems. It looks like this new communications technology has some serious potential, and we can’t wait to see what else it can do.

So if you’re looking for the latest tech and safety features, visit our Ford dealership near King of Prussia, PA and take some of our capable Ford cars for a test drive. We’ll make it easy to find a new or pre-owned model that you’ll love. We look forward to seeing you!