If you are hoping to take home a Ford Escape or a rugged and capable Ford F-150, the financing process may seem intimidating. That’s why here at Paoli Ford, we work hard to guide you to the solution that is best for you. The team in our Ford finance center near King of Prussia is happy to answer any of your finance questions, such as what makes leasing and buying different.

When to Lease

There are advantages to both leasing and buying, but the main advantage of leasing a new Ford is that you aren’t responsible for the full price of the vehicle. Instead, the estimated depreciation of the car is measured out over a set term, from one to three years, which is what you will pay in monthly installments. This often results in a lower down payment and lower monthly payments, making access to the latest performance updates and technology features easy for many drivers. If you want an affordable option to drive a new car and an easy trade-in process at the end, leasing is an optimal choice.

When to Buy

For those who value driving a Ford that is their very own, buying is your clear choice. You’ll have to pay more overall, but once you’ve paid the vehicle off, your monthly payments toward the purchase are over and you are the rightful owner. This also means you get to sell your car later on, or trade it in when it’s time to transition between vehicles. If you want to make any modifications/customizations and drive as many miles as you please, we strongly encourage you to purchase.

To learn more about the financing options available at our PA Ford dealership, contact us today! We look forward to your visit.